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$1,008,742    $2,382,938 -
Two Million Dollar Lotto Wins Later ...

Our FIRST Million-Dollar Winning Lotto Check

winning lotto check

Winning Lotto Check $1,008,742.00 - 2006

Million-Dollar Lottery Winner shares the EXACT Lotto System used to win a Lottery First Prize of: $1,008,742.00 !

    Plus wins of:

  $76,500.95,  $19,612.30,
  $15,334.25,  $12,565.85,
  $7,751.55,   $5,554.40,etc

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The SECOND Million-Dollar Check is coming, further
down the page !

Lotto Winner Terry Fisher talks to "A Current Affair:

Winning Lotto Author Terry Fisher talks to TV's "A Current Affair"
about Winning Lotto.  
See the Interview on Winning The Lottery.


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From: Terry Fisher DOUBLE  Million Dollar Lottery Winner

In April 2006, I won $1,008,742.00 on the Lottery ....

Pure Luck ? Or are there winning lotto secrets that YOU can use ?

In July 2006, I shared in ANOTHER lottery win of $1,374,196.20, based on the same winning lotto strategy. 

Our SECOND Million-Dollar Winning Lotto Check

winning lotto

I've also won $76,500.95, $19,612.30,  S15,569.55,  $15,334.25,  $12,565.85, $10,658.70 and much more.  Plus, multiple prizes every Australian Superdraw since 1999. Still think it's pure luck ? 

Or are there winning lotto secrets that could explode your chances of a Million-Dollar lotto win ?

winning powerball check

Winning Lotto Check for 5 Powerball Numbers (Aust)

Originally, I developed these winning lotto systems for my own personal use.  Then I graduated to sharing larger lotto systems with friends.  Today I am partnered with a lottery agent marketing mega lotto systems, using my secret techniques to dramatically boost the odds of a large win.

But WHY would I share a Million-Dollar Secret With You ? Because I probably can not win YOUR lottery - So I'm happy for you to win it!

Even if you play the Australian Lottery, over the last few years I have shared First Prize Twice, Second Prize FIVE Times, and regularly get Five Winning Lotto Numbers - the chance of us BOTH winning First Prize the same week are VERY remote.

winning lotto nsw lotteries 1

A Winning Lotto Second Prize

There is NO Magic Secret for Winning First Prize every week. But I can show you the Tips, Tricks, Systems and Strategies that have helped us win - TWO - Million-Dollar lottery prizes.  Are YOU Serious about dramatically boosting your chances of a Million-Dollar-Win ?  

If you do NOT know these winning lotto secrets - You are just TWO minutes away from discovering them!

My Winning Lotto System Absolutely Guarantees ALL the winning lotto numbers - When you use my secret technique, you MUST have all the winning lotto numbers.

The 'luck' element is then reduced to:

"Will all the numbers LINE UP" -  And  not  

"I wonder IF I'll get all the winning lotto numbers."

Our Winning Lotto System is PROVEN ... - In the best possible way. We post our Million-Dollar winning lotto check on our website.

Go on -
Try to find another so-called lotto expert who
SHOWS YOU Million-Dollar checks !

Will it Work for YOU ?  It did for the Lottery Agent I partner with. Big time!

And Yes, I had a Share in Peter's Million-Dollar entry. Normally I create Peter's entries for him; but this was a last-minute job when I wasn't available. So he created it himself, using the principles I taught him. You did a great job Pete!

 winning lotto 1

Winning Lotto Check for $19,612.30

Discover WHICH Lotto System is the most effective ... And it's NOT a System 20! - Trying to play the BIGGEST Lotto System you can is MADNESS! Find out why today!

It's Quick, Easy and Simple - We provide a system a 12-year old could follow.

winning lotto 2

Winning Lotto Check for $15,334.25

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winning lotto - powerball

Winning Lotto Check $10,658.70 -
One number off a $22 Million Powerball Prize
Check out our Pick-5 / Powerball book

It's Totally Risk-Free - Try our secret lotto system for 60 days. If you are unhappy for any reason, send us a quick email and there's a happy, no-questions-asked refund on its way to you.

winning lotto check

Do YOU Know what the "Lotto Smart-Play Zones" are ? - Can YOU really afford to play the lottery again without discovering the "Lottery Zones" that work 8 weeks out of 10 ?

Which is better - A Lotto System or a Lotto Strategy ? - The answer may surprise you. And delight you! Watch your lottery results explode once you learn this killer way to play lotto.

winning lotto
Another winning lotto prize

What the heck is a "Dual-Guarantee Lotto System?" - Once you discover this little-known lotto secret, you'll never play lotto the same way again.

For less than your lotto entry costs for a single month, you can have the proven secrets of a winning lotto system that has already won TWO Million-Dollar lotteries in ONE year!

So - How much do you waste every year on losing lottery tickets? At only $10 a week, its $500+ every year. Play $20 a week - and you give away over $1,000 of your hard earned money every year.

Do you REALLY want to keep ripping up losing lottery tickets ?

Or is it time to get your hands on winning lotto secrets that could turn your world upside down !

Get "How I Won $1,008,742 on the Lottery - Lotto Secrets To Explode Your Chances of a $1,000,000 + Win" TODAY - And just maybe you can start Living The Dream tomorrow!



I've Won My First Million. And my second.  I believe I'll win again - and maybe again (remember, I've already got 6 numbers SEVEN times - 2 First Prizes and 5 Main + 1 Bonus by 5 times).

IF you come back to this web page and its vanished - So have I.  I'm fascinated with the lottery, love playing with numbers, and I'm happy to share my Secrets with you - for the time being.  The lottery is my Passion - Which is why I probably know more about it than anyone else on the Planet.  

But at some stage, Fishing, Tennis, Golf, Walking and Overseas Holidays are going to become my Full Time Job.

The secret to success in ANYTHING is ACTING ON IT NOW. If you come back in a couple of months and I've disappeared, don't say you didn't get fair warning.



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With TWO Million-Dollar Wins and heaps of major prizes, I could easily ask $500 for these PROVEN winning lotto secrets - And people would still buy. 

But my father was a coal miner - I know what it's like to struggle.  Even go hungry.  That's why I'm pricing this so EVERYONE can afford it!

STOP tearing up losing lotto tickets.

START living the dream.

ACT NOW - Nothing changes until YOU do!

winning lotto check for $12565

Another Winning lotto check, for $12,565.85

NO RISK - Full 100% Money-Back,
No Questions Asked, "Life's Too
Short For Hassles" Guarantee!

I am so confident that you will be delighted, I am willing to
give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, after using our lotto strategies and systems for 60 days, your "luck" has not improved, simply contact us and we will refund you 100%
of your money - guaranteed.



What Price A Book That Has Already Won Millions - And Could End Your Money Worries ?  We reckon $97 Is Fair - BUT You Pay Just $47 

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Best Wishes & Good Luck,

Terry Fisher

KARMA When you
Win Big - KIVA

Supporting the Developing World and Empowering others to lift themselves out poverty through www.KIVA.Org







Terry Fisher, PO Box 535, Tweed Heads,
NSW 2485, Australia.

Established 1995.  


Fax: 61 755 348 322 or 61 755 348 422 (Outside Australia)  
(07) 5534 8322
or (07) 5534 8422 (Inside Australia)

P.S.  Remember - You are dealing with a REAL Million-Dollar lotto winner. 

Check out other lotto sites.  Ask to see THEIR Million Dollar winning Lotto Check.  Then come back here!

PPS: It's not every day a Real-Life Lottery Expert shares his Million-Dollar Lotto Secrets with the public - Get in NOW, before I retire completely!

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